"Art is a shared experience.. a conversation.  As a painter, I am bound only by my internal story and have endless  opportunities to express it through color, texture, and composition.  The wonderful thing is that while I can relate my original inspiration, the viewer is free to personally embellish and reach a completely different conclusion.  This 'conversation' with the audience, is to me what gives life and meaning to the artwork.


My work is definitely influenced by my Haitian roots and early years in Africa.  I feel compelled to try to express the beauty and elements of mysticism in my heritage that remain undervalued under seemingly endless socio-economic and political challgenes.  Another influence comes simply from entrepreneurial spirit, and I see many interpretations of this spirit within the art community.  Through the lens of the Haitian culture, with its tradition of story-telling and penchant for vibrant color, I try to blend the experiences of daily life in Houston with my internal visions.  As a self-taught artist, I am constantly learning and experimenting with how to accomplish this.


-Sacha Lazarre